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"With over 30 years of acting and voice experience - from reading to my
children, to videogames, to commercials, to psa's, I have been using my voice
to get messages across for many years. Let me know how I can help you!"
                                                                                             - Richard Bristow

Richard Bristow's home base is in the United States. In addition to Richard's extensive voice
acting experience, he is a theatre director and actor, Christian, teacher, husband, father,
cancer survivor, endurance athlete, type 1 diabetic who likes to stay busy. He also likes to
read a lot and listen to audiobooks on long drives. Richard's background in technical theatre
makes editing and production turn around quick and easy for him.

Interested in contacting Richard?
Email him at
Or through one of these agencies in your area:
Atlanta Models and Talent     Alexander White Agency. Atlanta agent.      Lori Lins Ltd 
     Benz Model and Talent Agency         AB Squared TalentDeSanti Talent Chicago
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What people are saying

Working with Richard has been a great pleasure. Richard has given us relevant feedback
regarding comments on script changes and pronounciation issues. Richard's dedication
towards a project is paramount and we are highly satisfied with the outcome.
We recommend Richard as a proficient and skilled voice-over artist. 

                                                          Steen Ingmann – Sales Manager,

Richard has gone above and beyond his obligations on every project to date, delivering
excellent material in a timely manner without fail. He has a wide and versatile vocal range,
takes direction well, and is a really nice guy to boot.

                                          Philip Benefall – owner, Blastbay Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

I have had the privilege to watch Richard Bristow grow from my voice student to a gifted
and successful colleague. That evolution took place quickly, largely due to his experience as
a stage actor. He is a talented commercial, narrative and character voice actor.

                                                                     Deborah Richards –